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OUR Story

SRC was created no differently than any other small business out there. We had a dream followed by a swift dive off the cliff into uncharted waters! We knew our craft but we did not know everything about being a small business owner. We made mistakes, we worked our asses off, we ran out of cash flow, we hired the wrong people, and we got burned more times than I'd care to admit. 

There was one driving force that kept us pushing on. You, our clients. Calling you a client doesn't feel right. More fitting; all the wonderful people we get the honor to know and collaborate with. 

Yes we are a CPA firm, and we know the stigma; boring accountants with big calculators and papers everywhere on a messy desk who tell you what to do. They use fancy words and spout out mysterious tax code numbers, making you feel rather uneducated. 

We knew it didn't have to be this way. Taxes and money are scary. Many CPA firms like to keep a wall of professionalism up, devoid of any emotion. Tell me anyone who doesn't feel an emotional response to their taxes, an audit, or their business? It IS emotional. We wanted to honor that and create a firm who not only understands but has the empathy to feel the stress with you. As with any stress, the more times we are confronted by it the stronger we are to combat it and that's what we do.

For our business owner friends we have a special kinship for you as comrades. Business owners have grit, guts, heart and soul and for that we are dedicated to you. We understand you, we've been in your shoes, we are you. Our drive is to lift you anyway we can. We formed a second company called Leap Bookkeeping focused solely on you and your business finances. Both companies are ingrained with lifting business owners. We actively share our triumphs and challenges with the hope of saving you a struggle. 

Some people say you are lucky to own a business. We know there are the highest highs and lowest lows. What we didn't realize when we jumped off the cliff all those years ago were the relationships that would form along the way. It is truly one of the most enriching experiences one can have; to serve people you truly care about. Our mission is to lift every person we encounter along the way. Yet you lift us every single day, thank you for the honor of that.