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The Story of Leap

Published:  September 29, 2017

You might think, how can a bookkeeping company have a story?

It’s bookkeeping. Number crunching. Boring accountants with big calculators and papers everywhere on a messy desk who tell you what to do. I get the stigma because I've seen it, countless times. Buried within the staleness we’re shining stars. People who would walk into the room and lift it. When they left, the business owners were infused with excitement and a renewed sense of energy and purpose for their business.

I wanted a company filled with these people that lift the room. 

I am a business owner and I work with them every day. I know they have guts, grit, heart and soul. We are cut from the same cloth. This means I also know the darker side of business ownership. It's lonely, terrifying, all consuming, relentless, frustrating and sometimes brings us to our knees. Money is scary, especially in a small business. It can come and go like the tide. I was told once that our job as a business owner is not to hoard money, but to be the vessel that flows it in and distributes it out. The truly successful understand that money must move and flow. We give opportunity. Without us there are no jobs, no supporting families, and no economy. You might think you don't make a dent because you are just a small business. You are part of an army of others just like you. We all share the same triumphs and pains. Your small business does matter because you are a deliverer of opportunity. 

So why did I form Leap? To create a company filled with people that can walk into the room with a business owner and lift them because they deserve it. I wanted a company whose sole focus is on those people with grit who had the guts to go for it and create their dream. Small businesses are a dream that someone took the Leap to make happen. That's who we believe in and who we are dedicated to serve. 

What do we do? We stand beside you in the scariest sector of your business. The money. We keep track of it, we watch it, we keep it private, and we are someone you can talk with about it. We DON'T leave the emotion out of it. Anyone who says business isn't emotional doesn't own a business or is lying! 

Your numbers paint a picture of the reality that occurs every day in your business. If you see the picture from a higher vantage point you can make the small brush strokes needed to change your picture anyway you'd like. You are already painting this picture, make it one you want! The key is to not be afraid to look.

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